The Great Job Hunt is On…

February 19, 2010 at 10:34 pm (Job hunting, Personal)

Maybe I’m out of touch with the modern world, and the modern job search, but somehow I didn’t think I would be unemployed this long.  I’ve been out of work before, by choice, as I tried changing careers, which was harder than I expected, but whenever I’ve seriously looked for work before, I was able to find it without too much trouble.  Sure, I had to make it through the interview like anyone else, but my resume always got me in the door so I could impress the boss and get the job.  But this time around, I can’t even get in the door!  There are SO many people applying for the same jobs!  I even heard from one company that when they post an opening, they literally get so many responses, they automatically delete anyone without a degree, even for those $7 an hour jobs.  Scary!

I keep track of the jobs I’ve applied for in a spreadsheet (yeah, I know, don’t even say it!), and I’m starting to see a disturbing trend…  the longer I look, the lower my standards are getting.  After 8 months, I’m now applying for just about anything with a decent paycheck, whether I’m truly interested or not.  I’ve been in a highly specialized field for almost 25 years, and there simply aren’t any jobs in that field in my area, but I don’t want to move because I’ve finally found good schools for my kids, and my husband is in a job he actually likes for the first time in years.  So, I lower my standards just a little, and start looking for jobs where my skills might fit.

First problem: I have no degree in anything, and everyone seems to want a degree these days.  I cannot afford to go back to school, and it doesn’t make sense to pile more debt on top of my head when I’m just barely meeting the bills I have now, but I also can’t afford to take a $7 an hour job.  In steps the possibility of the Pell Grant…  which I can’t get because I made too much money LAST year…  so much for that plan…

Second problem: If I take a low paying job, I still can’t pay the bills, and I’m adding the expense of after school care for my younger son.  Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

So I start hearing rumors that the unemployment rate is going down, encouraging to be sure, until I also hear that the federal government has changed how they are counting the unemployed, so that mildly encouraging news might not really be true.  There aren’t more jobs, just some people have given up looking, gone back to school, or found some other way around this problem, so they “don’t count” anymore.  Kind of scary when the federal government starts “cooking” the jobless numbers so the masses feel better about a failing economy.  Do they really think that the average American is so uninformed?  Anyone can search the internet to find out what’s going on, more news sources that you can count from every conceivable angle, and most of them saying the same thing…  the jobless rate is ABOUT 10%, and has been for a while, and we won’t see any kind of real recovery any time soon.

Couple of interesting articles:

Thanks for listening to today’s rant…


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