The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 117

April 27, 2012 at 9:49 pm (Food) (, , , , , , , , )

Hello again friends, and welcome back!  Hope you’ve all had a Fabulous Friday!

Things are looking up at work, learning more each day, actually helping other people get caught up on their work while I learn new things.  I think things are going to work out!  Let’s just hope they feel the same way about me…

William had a really good day at school, and a good afternoon after school hanging with his friends.

James had a kind of rough day at work, but at least he didn’t have to work all night tonight, so we all had dinner together.

And it’s Friday, so we can all relax a little tonight, not worry about getting to bed early or getting up early tomorrow!!

So, tonight I tried my hand at fried chicken, and I have to say, it didn’t turn out so well.  Here’s the recipe, and all the issues I had, maybe someone out there can give me some helpful hints:

Fried Chicken

8-10 chicken thighs, rinsed

2 cups Bisquick

1 can beer of choice

2 Tbsp Everglades seasoning

1 Tsp Kosher salt

2 eggs

1 cup plain flour

Oil for frying

Heat oil in large skillet to medium heat.

Mix Bisquick, beer, eggs, salt and Everglades seasoning in a wide shallow bowl, making a dipping batter for the chicken.

Put the plain flour in a separate wide shallow bowl.

Coat the chicken pieces in the plain flour, then dip in the batter before placing in hot oil in a large skillet.  Cook 10-15 minutes per side, or until a deep golden brown and done through.

This is where I ran into trouble!  The chicken was more like brown brown, not golden brown, and was still pink inside.  I was cooking over medium heat so it wouldn’t cook too fast, not sure if it was too hot or too cool.  I ended up putting the partially cooked chicken on baking sheets and putting them in the oven for another half an hour at 350 degrees just to get them done through.  At that point, it wasn’t crispy at all, it was mushy, but it was done through.  It had good flavor, but there was no crispy skin at all!!  I was REALLY disappointed, as I was really looking forward to some good fried chicken.

I made a simple pasta salad to go with this mess:

Italian Pasta Salad

1 pound pasta of choice

1 cup mayonnaise

1 Packet Italian dressing mix

Cook pasta per package directions.  Drain and rinse well.  When cooled, mix in mayo and dressing mix, stirring very well, allow to sit at least 30 minutes before serving.

And then since I was so disappointed with the chicken, I decided we needed a treat, so I went and got ice cream, chocolate syrup, butterscotch topping, marshmallow fluff, and we had ice cream sundaes!!

Anyway, now I’m ready to just chill out for a while, so until tomorrow, eat well, love well, live well!



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