The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 203

July 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm (Food) (, , , , )

Hello again friends, and welcome back!!  I feel like I’m on a roll, two days in a row…

So, my last day as a temp, I’m officially an employee as of tomorrow morning!!!  Get paid tomorrow for last week, a partial check next week, and my first regular paycheck next week, too.  Ought to be interesting!

Still waiting for the electrician to come back and find the short in the phone system…  and the sprinkler folks to come and fix or replace the sprinkler controller.  That stupid lightning strike is still haunting us…

Anyway, Mike stayed home sick, again.  I feel kind of bad for him with the fatigue and everything, but I’m also worried about how much work he misses.  I hope it doesn’t come back to bite him, we can’t afford it!!

James is at work… and William helped fix dinner!

Tonight’s recipe is completely an original…

Chicken Bacon Nachos

3 medium boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/2 pound bacon

Corn tortilla chips

Shredded cheese


Cut bacon into small pieces and cook over medium heat until crispy.  Remove to plate with paper towels and set aside.

While bacon is cooking, trim excess skin and fat from chicken, and cut into small bite sized pieces.  Once bacon is done, add the chicken pieces into the bacon grease, and cook until cooked through.  Remove to plate with paper towels.

(I made the mistake of leaving the bacon in the pan and adding the chicken, and while it tasted good, the bacon wasn’t crispy any more…  learn from my mistake!)

Spread tortilla chips onto a plate until plate is covered.  Add some chicken and bacon.  Cover with shredded cheese.  Microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.  Top with some salsa and serve!

We all really liked them!!  Have to remember this one, it was YUMMY!!!

That’s it for tonight, though…  doing my nails, so no more cooking for now.

Until tomorrow, eat well, love well, live well!


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  1. Leonard Marks said,

    great post

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