The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 182

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Hello again friends, and welcome back!  Hope you’re having a Terrific Tuesday, and getting geared up for the holiday tomorrow!  We’ve got the day off, Mike and I anyway, so we’re sitting here trying to figure out what we want to do, with no money of course.  James has to work in the evening, and William is heading to Disney with a friend, so maybe we need to watch some of the not-so-kid-friendly movies we’ve been wanting to watch.  Got plenty of left-overs in the fridge, plus a few things hiding in the freezer that we can cook, so food won’t be an issue.  Get paid on Thursday, so I know I’m either heading to Walmart or heading out for fast food that night LOL!

Anyway, you’re here for the recipes more than the ramblings, or at least I like to think so, so here we go…

Grilled Pork Chops (SUPER easy!)

Heat your George Foreman grill to medium

Plop on 4-5 boneless pork chops seasoned with just salt and pepper on both sides

Cook until nicely browned on both sides, about 10 minutes


Told you it was SUPER easy!!

I soooo cheated tonight…  except for the pork chops, everything else went in the microwave!  Frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, frozen peas, and fresh summer squash.  The first three went in covered glass dishes with about a tablespoon of butter and about a 1/4 of a cup of water, cooked for 5-8 minutes or until heated through and steamy.  The last, the squash, went into a zip-and-steam bag with a little butter, no water, cooked 3 minutes on high.  Perfect!!!

But, I did play catch up on downloading photos tonight, so here are some of my dishes from the past week that I missed adding photos. I’m going to go hunt down the right posts to add these to, but not right this second…

Quiche, think this was Sunday

Pasta salad

Curry Chicken

Popcorn chicken

So, hopefully something here made your mouth water, and made you want to cook!  Go for it!!

Until tomorrow, eat well, love well, live well!

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The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 149

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Hello again friends, and welcome back!  Hope you’re all having a nice SHORT week!  It has certainly been an interesting one.  🙂

Work is still going really well, so well in fact I got a compliment from my boss today, and I really feel like I’m starting to fit in!  I’m still a little leery of trying to fit in socially, since I’ve had such lovely luck (yes, that is sarcasm you smell) in the past with co-workers, but as far as the work part goes, I’m doing really well.  It’s sort of cool that I can do most of my job with my iPod plugged in, since it’s a lot of computer centered work.  Glad I updated it over the weekend!  Even bought myself a new movie for it from iTunes, but I can’t exactly watch it while I’m working. Maybe at lunch though…  hmmm…

James is home tonight, and being nice to William! (wow, is the world going to end tonight or something?!)  They’ve actually been spending more time together, James seems to be developing a little more tolerance for his little brother, and William seems to be getting better at being less annoying to James, so it’s working out well!

William had a good day at school, except he still hasn’t been able to find his lunch box.  Somewhere between lunch on Friday and Tuesday morning when I went to pack lunch, it disappeared.  He doesn’t remember if he brought it home or not!  He was REALLY bummed at first, but since I told him we would get him a new one, he’s feeling a little better.  Not sure if I’ll be able to find one EXACTLY like it, but I’m going to try!  Maybe I’ll let him pick out the design so he doesn’t feel cheated…

Seems like Mike had a good day, too, but he’s plugged in over on the other couch checking out comic books, so I can’t really talk to him right now.  I don’t mind, though, since we’re all rediscovering our love of comics, and I’m glad he’s found something to get a little excited about.  Plus, this is something we can all do together!  He and William have been trading comics back and forth, reading all the ones they bought, so I guess they’re getting a little bonding time in, too.  Mike says maybe we should have been buying William comics all these years to get him to read!  Seems to me we did buy him one a long time ago, and he just wasn’t interested at the time.

Anyway, you don’t come here for the family updates, you’re here for the recipes, so here’s what was on the table tonight:

Sausage and Peppers

1 smoked sausage (like Eckrich or Gwaltney), the long rope style

1/2 green pepper

Cut sausage into rounds, then cut rounds into quarters.  Cut green pepper into roughly 1/2″ pieces.  Put all these little morsels into a large skillet and cook over medium heat until sausage is heated through and browned and peppers are translucent.

Serve over rice or noodles, or as I did tonight with some:

Great Value chicken flavor stuffing (made to package directions with water and butter, takes about 15 minutes including the time it takes to boil the water)

Fresh baby carrots

Fresh cut up cauliflower

Fresh grape tomatoes

Leftover cooked peas

Leftover cooked green beans

Those last two are because I have a couple of picky eaters who wouldn’t eat a fresh piece of cauliflower if it was the last piece of food on Earth!

So that was our relatively healthy meal tonight!  No desserts on tap, we’re out of cake, and I’m ready to just chill out a little tonight.  Maybe tomorrow night I’ll have the urge to bake something…

Until then, eat well, love well, live well!

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The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 98

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Hello again friends, and welcome back!  Hope you are all having a great Sunday, and a very Happy Easter!

Very nice Sunday around here.  Not a ton of laundry to do, several good movies on TV today, plus William got a movie in his Easter basket that we just HAD to watch, cleaned up the kitchen, but that didn’t take long since dinner was mostly done on parchment paper covered cookie sheets last night, so all-in-all, a pretty good day!  Mike and William are playing a video game now, so they’re getting some cool father-son time.  Gotta go get James in a little while, but that’s all good, too.  And the weather today has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so we’ve had the windows open, saving a few bucks on A/C, always a good thing!  Gotta say, days like this, I LOVE living in Florida!  Now if I could only find a decent job…

Anyway, we had one of Mike’s favorite meals for dinner tonight, but something I’ve never made before, so it was a win-win for us!  Here’s the recipe:

Chicken Pot Pie

3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts, trimmed and cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup frozen broccoli florets, thawed and cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup frozen cauliflower, thawed and cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup frozen carrot slices, thawed

1 cup frozen cut green beans, thawed

1 cup frozen peas, thawed

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

Salt and pepper to taste

1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough

Olive oil cooking spray

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray a 9″ x 13″ baking pan with cooking spray, set aside.

Spray large skillet with cooking spray, cook chicken in skillet until no longer pink, drain any excess water.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Add in soups, and heat through, about 5 minutes.

Mix all thawed and chopped veggies in a large bowl, pour into prepared pan.

Add in chicken and soup mixture and mix well.

Unroll crescent dough, separate into two large rectangles (along center seam, about half way through roll as you unroll it).  Pinch together seams, and stretch each rectangle so that it will fit across pan on top of veggies and chicken.  Pinch together center seam on top of pan as well.  Press dough gently onto sides on pan forming a sealed crust.

 (as you can see, all my seams pulled apart, but it still came out OK)

Bake 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees, or until dough is golden brown and slightly crispy at the edges.

There isn’t much left, but that’s sort of the point.  If it comes out well, there won’t be a lot of leftovers!

Hope you all enjoy this one, I know we did!  Until tomorrow, eat well, love well, live well!

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The Great 2012 Cooking Extravaganza! Day 91

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Hello again friends, and welcome back!  Happy Sunday to you all!!

Quiet day around here, kids were away for the morning, been watching movies all day, and napping on the couch a little.  No laundry to do (WOO HOO!), did clean up the kitchen though, but that took all of half an hour, and I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything at all today!  I do have to run out in a bit and pick up James, drop off the rent check, but that won’t take long either.

Easy dinner tonight, but still worth sharing:

Pesto Chicken and Veggies

2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts, trimmed and cut into bite sized pieces

2 cups broccoli florets, frozen, thawed

2 cups cauliflower florets, frozen, thawed

1 cup fresh (or fresh frozen) green beans

1 cup frozen peas, partially thawed

1 container Philadelphia cooking cream, Pesto flavor

3 cups cooked egg noodles, drained

Cooking spray, olive oil flavor

Spray large skillet with cooking spray, heat to medium, add chicken and cook until cooked through, about 10-15 minutes.  Add veggies and cook until crisp tender, about another 10 minutes.  Add in cooking cream and pasta, mix well, cook another 5 minutes.  Serve!

I have to pick out the broccoli and cauliflower before William will eat this, but Mike and I really enjoyed it all!

Until tomorrow friends, eat well, love well, live well!!

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